Metal braces have been used for decades as a means of straightening teeth and correcting bite issues. Although they are effective, they come with some drawbacks that make people reluctant to get them. However, with modern advancements, metal braces have become more comfortable, attractive, and efficient than they were in the past. If you are considering getting metal braces in Dubai, there are several factors that you need to consider. In this article, we will discuss the essential things to consider before getting metal braces in Dubai.

The Cost of the Treatment

The cost of metal braces in Dubai can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the case, the treatment duration, and the orthodontist’s experience. It is essential to inquire about the cost of the treatment beforehand and ensure that it fits within your budget. Acacia Medical Center provides affordable metal braces treatment plans that cater to various budgets.

The Severity of Your Case

The severity of your case is a crucial factor to consider before getting metal braces. Some cases may require additional treatment, such as jaw surgery, before getting metal braces. It is essential to have a consultation with an orthodontist to determine the extent of your case and the best course of action. Acacia Medical Center has experienced orthodontists who will assess your case and recommend the best treatment plan.

The Duration of the Treatment

The duration of the metal braces treatment can vary significantly, depending on the complexity of the case. Some cases may take only a few months, while others may take several years. It is essential to have a clear understanding of the treatment duration to plan accordingly. Acacia Medical Center provides an estimate of the treatment duration for each patient, allowing them to plan their schedules accordingly.

The Maintenance and Care of the Braces

Metal braces require regular maintenance and care to ensure that they remain effective throughout the treatment period. It is essential to inquire about the maintenance and care procedures and ensure that you can commit to them before getting metal braces. The Acacia Medical Center provides detailed instructions on how to care for the braces, ensuring that the patient maintains good oral hygiene and prolongs the treatment’s effectiveness.

The Appearance of the Braces

Traditional metal braces are visible and may affect your appearance during the treatment period. However, modern advancements have led to the development of more attractive metal braces that are less noticeable. It is essential to consider the appearance of the braces and choose the ones that suit your style and preferences. Acacia Medical Center provides a range of metal braces that are customizable, allowing patients to choose their preferred colors and styles.

The Orthodontist’s Experience and Qualifications

The orthodontist’s experience and qualifications are crucial in ensuring that the metal braces treatment is successful. It is essential to choose an orthodontist who is experienced, qualified, and reputable. Acacia Medical Center has a team of highly qualified and experienced orthodontists who have completed numerous successful metal braces treatments.


Getting metal braces in Dubai can be an effective solution for correcting dental issues such as crooked teeth and bite problems. However, there are several factors to consider before getting metal braces, such as the cost of the treatment, the severity of your case, the duration of the treatment, the maintenance and care of the braces, the appearance of the braces, and the orthodontist’s experience and qualifications. The Acacia Medical Center is a reputable dental clinic that provides affordable and effective metal braces treatments, with a team of highly qualified and experienced orthodontists. By considering these factors and choosing the right orthodontist, you can ensure a successful metal braces treatment that will result in a healthy and beautiful smile.