Teeth Whitening

The safe and simple process of teeth whitening, also known as bleaching, uses one of two bleaching agents (hydrogen peroxide/carbamide peroxide). Our teeth whitening treatment in Dubai reduces stains without damaging enamel. As a result, your teeth get whiter and brighter!

The key ingredient to a beautiful smile is white, spotless teeth. Our top-quality teeth whitening services are safe and effective. You can be confident that our teeth whitening services in Dubai are superior to others because we offer long-lasting and promising results.

Acacia Medical Centre allows you to choose from our range of top teeth whitening methods in Dubai. Our outstanding team includes professional dental hygienists and dentists to help you.

Teeth Whitening Treatment: Why is it necessary?

The enamel that reflects your natural tooth color can be easily stained. There are many causes of tooth discoloration. Although many of these causes can be avoided, there are still some that cannot be controlled. These are the primary causes of discoloration:

  • Drinking tea, coffee and wine frequently
  • Tobacco smoking and chewing tobacco
  • High fluoride intake since childhood

Staining can also be caused by aging. As the enamel becomes thinner with age, the dentin beneath is exposed. The dentin can stain teeth when it comes in contact with certain foods and beverages. Some medical treatments can also cause staining.
Teeth whitening in Dubai helps in removing stains and makes your teeth whiter. The results can vary from one person to another, so it is important to be aware of the influencing factors before you move forward with the treatment.

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