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Are you seeking the best orthodontist in Dubai? Today’s your lucky day! At the Acacia Medical Centre, our team is led by the most skilled orthodontist in Dubai at diagnosing and treating dental issues. Do you want to prevent dental irregularities? Book an appointment with the Best Orthodontists in Dubai at Acacia Medical Centre.

Orthodontics is the specific branch of dentistry dealing with correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. The improper arrangement of your teeth, whether it’s caused by tooth decay, an accident or irregular growth, can undermine your appearance and lower your confidence. With the intervention of orthodontic treatment, your teeth can be healthier and more pleasant to look at. If you look after your teeth properly, the results of your orthodontic treatment can last a lifetime.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of modern dentistry focused on correct misaligned or crooked teeth with various appliances.

Braces are just one of the many appliances that our orthodontists in Dubai use to make these proper adjustments. They are typically used to correct your bite and give your teeth a straighter, more uniform appearance. In addition to improving your aesthetics, orthodontics improve the function and health of your teeth by lowering your risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease.

At the Acacia Medical Center, we offer the best orthodontic treatment in Dubai for both adults and children.

Our Orthodontist in Dubai provide the following treatments:

Straightening crooked teeth

Closing gaps in the teeth
Improving gum health
Aligning the position of the teeth

Issues that require
Orthodontic treatment:


The upper teeth are lying far forward than the lower teeth.


If your upper teeth cover your lower teeth when you’re chewing, you likely have a crossbite.


When the lower teeth overtake the upper teeth, it is called underbite (also known as the “bulldog appearance”)

Misplaced Midline

The misplaced midline refers to a situation in which the upper front teeth don’t lie in the middle of the front lower teeth.

Open bite

Space between the front or side teeth when you’re biting with your back teeth.


Not enough space between the teeth, causing the teeth to grow out crookedly.


The gap or space between the teeth due to missing teeth.

Orthodontic Treatments
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