Metal Braces

Metal braces offer the most precise and effective treatment for misaligned, crooked, or crowded teeth. At Acacia Medical Centre, our highly skilled team of orthodontists provide the best metal braces in Dubai. For unsurpassed quality, you can trust us!

A bad bite can cause more problems than just a sloppy smile. If not addressed early, crowding teeth, abnormal jaw alignments, and other issues can lead to further oral problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

Our team of specialist orthodontists will ensure that you receive the proper care and attention to achieve your smile.

How do braces work?

Traditionally designed braces apply pressure to the teeth and move them effectively into their correct positions. An archwire is used to connect small brackets to your teeth. Our orthodontist will tighten this wire periodically to ensure that your jaw and teeth are correctly aligned. This allows you to achieve the smile that you always dreamed of.

How do you get metal
braces in Dubai?

1. Our dentist will inspect your gums and teeth during your first consultation at our clinic. If necessary, professional cleanings or other treatments may be recommended.

2. After your teeth have been cleaned and all gum/teeth issues are resolved, our orthodontist will take X-rays of your teeth and take photographs to evaluate the structure properly.

3. Before attaching brackets or small metal devices to your archwires, our orthodontist will clean and dry your teeth.

4. A small amount of nontoxic adhesive is used to attach the brackets. Once this is complete, the brackets are cured with blue light. Each tooth will be fitted with the brackets.

5. Metal bands will be placed around your back molars to anchor your braces. If you experience discomfort, inform our dentist immediately.

6. Finally, archwires are attached to brackets by wrapping a small rubber band around each bracket to hold it in place. You must snip the wire, so it doesn’t prod or scrape against the back of your gums.

7. Your next appointment with our orthodontist is approximately 4-8 weeks after your braces have been put in. We will check your progress and adjust your braces in your follow-up appointment. If necessary, we can also change the bands.

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