Urology and Andrology

The experts at the Acacia Medical Center offer the latest, most comprehensive care for a wide range of urologic diseases and conditions that affect men and women. We treat

  • Cancers of the prostate,
  • Bladder and kidneys and other urologic cancers;
  • Incontinence and other bladder-control problems;
  • Kidney stones; and
  • Sexual health problems, including erectile dysfunction (impotence).

Our specialists are among the most experienced in the nation in a wide range of advanced techniques including robotic surgery, image-guided surgery and minimally invasive (laparascopic) surgery.

We offer the latest treatment in Erectile Dysfunction Management including Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy.

We also have magnetic pelvic floor muscle stimulation which is an effective treatment for some cases of urinary incontinence as well as for certain cases of erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction and pelvic pain syndromes. It is also a very useful treatment for vaginal muscle laxity.

We offer minimally invasive treatment of Ureteric and kidney stones with laser or shockwave therapy

Specialized treatments for Urinary incontinence with specialized minimally invasive techniques are also available.

Our Areas of Expertise and Services:
Bladder Problems

We provide diagnosis and treatment for all bladder conditions, including benign and malignant cases. We particularly specialize in cases like acute, chronic, recurrent and interstitial cystitis; overactive and underactive hypotonic bladder; painful bladder syndrome; and bladder cancer. We can dedicate an experienced urologist, who will perform urine tests, wireless urodynamics investigation, and flexible cystoscopy inspection.

Prostate disease

Acacia Medical Center also performs diagnosis and treatment of benign prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, and prostatitis. To manage these conditions and prevent them from worsening, we may use magnetic stimulation therapy and shockwave therapy. Use of bipolar plasma vaporisation of the prostate may also be recommended..

Kidney and Ureteric Stones

We conduct an ultrasound and CT scan to accurately pinpoint the presence and location of kidney and ureteric stones. The best urologist in Dubai generally administers non-invasive shockwave and laser treatment for the effective removal of kidney and ureteric stones.

Urinary Tract infections

Patients with Urinary Tract Infection can trust our in-house urology doctor for the fast and effective treatment of acute and recurrent UTI. Among the procedures conducted for this are urinary cultures, ultrasound, and CT scan.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Using an advanced PCR detection method, Acacia Medical Center is able to help patients discover cases of bacterial and viral infections early on. We prescribe treatment methods such as genital cultures and urethral profiles.

Urethral strictures

Acacia Medical Center employs wireless urodynamics, ultrasound, and flexible cystoscopy to detect the presence of urethral strictures. Treatment methods of this condition include stricture dilatation, urethrotomy, or urethroplasty. At present, there are no known drug medications for urethral strictures.

Urinary Incontinence

Like with urethral strictures, our professional Dubai urologist performs wireless urodynamics, ultrasound and flexible cystoscopy to diagnose urinary incontinence. The treatment procedure is also similar; we use stricture dilatation, urethrotomy, or urethroplasty.

Testicular pain

A Dubai urologist will conduct an ultrasound scan and MRI procedure to pinpoint the cause of testicular pain or to establish the presence of testicular lumps. The treatment will be discussed with the patient as it depends on a case-to-case basis.


For the diagnosis of varicocele, we perform clinical examination and a Doppler scan. One of the effective treatment methods is a surgical procedure called microscopic ligation.


In addition to the common methods for diagnosis and treatment of male infertility, we perform an advanced analysis of seminal fluid to gather more accurate information on its underlying causes. We will then prescribe Micro-TESE sperm retrieval for preservation, In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), or Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

Erectile Dysfunction

With a penile Doppler, we can determine the cause of the patient’s condition. One of the highly recommended treatment methods for this is low intensity shockwave therapy; it improves blood flow into the penis to increase the chances of a male attaining and maintaining an erection for a longer period.

Penile Implant Surgery

Another advanced treatment method we offer for ED is penile implant surgery. As the name implies, a prosthetic device, either inflatable or malleable, is surgically placed into the penis by an experienced Dubai urologist to attain a semi-erect condition. The recipient of this treatment will only need to lift or adjust the penis for lovemaking.

Ejaculatory Disorders

Acacia Medical Center doctors also help men with ejaculatory disorders by prescribing the most effective and suitable medication. We also perform magnetic stimulation therapy for better results.

Peyronie’s Disease Management

For men with Peyronie’s disease, a condition that causes the penis to bend, lose girth, or shorten, Acacia Medical Center offers specialised treatment methods, including surgery and non-invasive shockwave therapy.

Hematuria  Screening

Hematuria is the condition in which blood is present in the urine. Acacia Medical Center can help diagnose the cause of hematuria through advanced cytology, ultrasound, and flexible video cytoscopy under local anaesthesia.

Prostate Health Check

We offer PSA blood test, PCA3 urine test and transrectal ultrasound imaging of the prostate to help men monitor the condition of their reproductive health and prevent cancer from developing. Regular prostate checks also allow for early and immediate treatment, if cancer is present.

Magnetic Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulation

Acacia Medical Center also offers magnetic pelvic floor muscle stimulation as an alternative treatment for individuals with urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders, pelvic pain syndrome, and vaginal muscle laxity.

Well Man Check Programme

Acacia Medical Center is an active proponent of men’s health, and we encourage male patients to undergo regular medical examinations to make sure they are 100% healthy. The Well Man Check Programme is composed of medical evaluations and health plans to help men of different ages and lifestyles to maintain and protect their physiological well-being.