Dr. Khalid Alawadi

Dr. Hamid Sajjadi

Dr. Hamid Sajjadi is a worldwide renowned ophthalmologist who done his medical school and all his training in the USA.

He is a Consultant Ophthalmologist and previous faculty and director of both Cornea and Retina service at University of Kansas in USA.

Dr. Hamid Sajjadi is double board certified from American College of Ophthalmology and from American College of Surgeon (FACS).

Dr. Sajjadi is also a fellow of American Academy of Ophthalmology. He specializes in finding causes of headaches and dizziness that are damaging to the optic nerve.

During his work as director of Cornea and Retina service at Univeristy of Kensas, he trained over 100 residents and fellows in Cornea, Retina and Strabismus in 2 countries.

Dr. Sajjadi has published numerous articles in all fields of Ophthalmology and has currently submitted an article to an American journal which if published, will revolutionize diagnosis of optic nerve damage from any presumed source such as glaucoma, Diabetes, and headaches such as Migraine.

He also specializes in treatment of lazy eyes, crossed eyes in children, headaches, optic nerve damage of any source, retina and cornea among many other subspecialties of ophthalmology.